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Interviews with Roshi Susan
  • Zazen: Just Ordinary Mind – Lion’s Roar Our natural mind is clear, simple, and ordinary. The practice of Zen meditation, says Susan Murphy, is simply to abandon anything extra. Then the ordinary reveals its magic.
  • ECOBUDDHISM :: Susan Murphy Interview A Two part interview about Minding the Earth mending the World: So I was moved to write this book.  It’s like standing up on the deck of the Titanic and saying to people, “Sorry to interrupt your good time and tell you this, but there is an iceberg right ahead and we are sailing right towards it.”  It was a sense of urgency. Coming as I do from a Zen and Buddhist position, I strongly felt it is imperative for Dharma to rise to meet this amazing occasion we are in.
  • Awake by the Earth – Future Primitive Podcasts Future Primitive Podcasts  Susan Murphy Roshi speaks with Joanna Harcourt Smith about the offer we can’t refuse; how this ecological crisis is a crisis of indifference; we are gathering points of sentience for the Earth; recovering our indigenous, original awareness; our minds are in improvisation with Nature; the courage to respond from belonging; and the beautiful struggle to become congruent
  • What Now? Three part interview with Roshi Susan Murphy on Minding the Earth and Mending the World
  • Sunday Nights ABC Local interview with Zen teacher Dr Susan Murphy has written an ew book, Minding the Earth, Mending the World.
  • Susan Murphy Roshi Otaki New Zealand Jan 2013 : Susan Murphy  Here are the first two of a series of three teachings* given by Susan Murphy Roshi during a retreat based on her recent book, Minding the Earth, Mending the World. The gathering was held outside of Otaki, New Zealand in January 2013 and co-taught with Jeremy Logan and Arthur Wells Roshi.
  • Walking alone in the red sky – Teisho on Case 3, Blue Cliff Record: Sun Face Buddha, Moon Face Buddha. The Buddha Name Sutra tells us that the Sun Face Buddha lives in the world for eighteen hundred years, but the Moon Face Buddha enters extinction after only a day and a night. What is it, to live in the world for eighteen hundred years? What is it, to enter extinction after only a day and a night?
  • All the unknown women – Teisho: Every sutra session we chant or listen to a dedication to ‘All the unknown women…’ Sometimes it’s good to chant with no thought at all, like the roar of cicadas when the heat rises. But it can also be good to stop and turn and stare at the words we all agree to share in this powerful way, and to let them turn strange under our stare.
Radio documentaries produced by Roshi Susan
  • The Colour of Right: Barry Minhinnick is a brilliant Kings Cross busker, well known as a street person, and a man with dignity and pride who is also a walking encyclopedia of Maori culture with many stories to tell.
  • Tiger Country tells stories about the loss of animals from our lives. This loss goes deep in most people, deeper than we admit. And animals face tragic, impossible odds in their dealings with humans, who have marginalised them through indifference and aggressive competition for resources to the point of wholesale extinctions.
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