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Australian Zen Sanghas and Communities

Sydney Zen Centre: Australia’s oldest Zen Buddhist community, an affiliate of the Diamond Sangha, senior teacher Roshi Subhana Barzaghi

Melbourne Zen Group: holds weekly meditation sits at their East Brunswick Dojo, teachers Roshi Susan Murphy and Roshi Subhana Barzaghi

Ordinary Mind School Sydney: offers a Zen Buddhist approach to cultivating mindful awareness and presence in the activities of daily life, teacher Geoff Dawson, in the lineage of Joko Beck.

Zen group of WA: a Diamond Sangha affiliate, teachers Roshi Ross Bolleter and Mari Rhydwen

The Adelaide Zen Group belongs to the lay tradition of the Diamond Sangha, teacher Bob Joyner Roshi

Lotus Buds Sangha: Sydney based community in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

Overseas Zen Sanghas and Communities

There are many Zen Sanghas with an online presence but the following sites are from established Sanghas with significant teachers. Each of the sites contains articles, recorded dharma talks and other resources for practice.

Pacific Zen Institute – Roshi John Tarrant

Upaya Zen Center – Roshi Joan Halifax

San Francisco Zen Center – Shunryu Suzuki Lineage

Everyday Zen Foundation – Zoketsu Norman Forster

Village Zendo – Enkyo Pat O’Hara Roshi

Zen Peacmakers – Roshi Bernie Glassman

Ordinary Mind Zendo NY – Barry Magid

Zen Mountain Monastery – John Daido Loori Roshi lineage

Boundless Way – James Myoun Ford Roshi, Melissa Myozen Blacker, Roshi

Berkeley Zen Centre – Sojun Mel Weitsman

Buddhist Publications and Websites

Tricycle: a monthly magazine that also publishes weekly Buddhist news and a variety of daily dharma emails that feature extracts from key teachers

Lions Roar: formerly Shambhala Sun, a monthly magazine and a variety of online daily news and changing features

Uncertainty Club: a new online magazine from John Tarrant’s Pacific Zen Institute

Sutra Journal: A curated journal on art, culture and dharma

Buddhist door: multimedia platform providing English-language content on Buddhist teachings, arts, and culture

Podcasts and Dharma Talk Collections
Zen Podcasts

Dharmanet provides a feed of Dharma talks from Sangrias all over the world

Buddhist Geeks: explores contemporary issues particularly about Buddhism, the web and contemporary cultures

Upaya Zen Centre: hosts a diverse program from a wide variety of teachers and includes an impressive archive

Collections of Teacher Talks

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel – author of The Way of Tenderness, Zenju is a significant new Dharma voice who addresses issues of race and sexuality

Tenshin Reb Anderson – former Abbot of San Francisco Zen Centre

David Loy – Zen scholar and teacher who has written extensively about socially engaged Buddhism

Jan Chozen Bays – Founder of Great Vow Monastery, paediatrician and author

Joan Sutherland – Dharma heir of John Tarrant Roshi

Stephen Bachelor – English teacher, scholar and author of Secular Buddhism

Taigen Dan Leighton – Scholar and Zen teacher at Ancient Dragon Zendo

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