Zen Corners: Member Gatherings and Projects


Shunryu Suzuki is quoted as saying: ‘Too many Zen Centers. Not enough Zen Corners!’ And he added, ‘The light of Zen must reach into every corner.’

Zen Open Circle encourages our members to organise practice days, events, and projects that run alongside our formal sangha occasions. ‘Zen Corners’ are a way for members to creatively expand their practice and contribute to the life of the sangha. These events include study groups, sitting’s at a members home, social action, arts days, or shared rituals. Zen Corners also support our members who live regionally.

How many corners does a circle have? 


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In the intimacy of sitting together with others, practice is shared, life is shared, sangha relations constantly grow a little stronger and more complete.

A Zen Corner needs simply a posted time and place for a regular morning or evening sit that will be tended and attended (at the very least) by the person who offers their space. Please give some real thought to this and help us realize an Indra’s web of localized sitting space/times, little intimate jewels of sangha reflecting each other, lighting up the corners all over Sydney, all over Australia.

Roshi Susan Murphy

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