Our Stories


The telling of stories is an integral part of our Zen tradition. Koan practice recalls moments of insight amongst those who have come before us. We are drawn into conversation with our ancestors, and the world.

Here we share the stories of our members and community. We have the sense that telling stories, and bearing witness to the stories of others, strengthens our community and deepens our practice. Here we have a chance to share and receive the wisdom that each of us has accumulated over many lifetimes.


Stories from our members

Merran Dawson – ‘An experience of Practice’

“Affinity is quite mysterious and as you know cannot really be explained. Affinity may begin with a picture, a book, a place, a sudden awareness: something inexpressible which is an unbidden feeling of deep kinship. Affinity is the basis for falling in love and can be the key to keeping love alive. Affinity was the way I felt at the top of the Buddhist Library stairs.”

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