A monk asked Unmon, “When the tree withers and the leaves fall, what is it?” Unmon answered, “Golden wind is manifesting herself.”

The golden wind is the great wind of unceasing change and we cannot control the change this unleashes…. At the same time golden wind is exactly what is endlessly changing and opening us to respond to all of this, to each arising of greed, hatred and ignorance in ourselves. To abandon them. To not enter into to, not turn that way, to not lend ourselves that way. Golden wind is not something that we can ever know right through or resolve fully. It is unfinished by its very nature it is beautifully unfinished – that is in a sense the endless saving grace. Perhaps we know it all the way through and resolve it fully in our own deaths. I don’t know. That is our own singular entry into the inconceivable, into the blaze. We have small, intimate, marvelous revelations of that in our practice and that is, I think, the source of all the best wisdom we can find in our lives. But while we can’t define it and categorise it and put it safely somewhere, this golden wind, we can keep on offering ourselves and bending to the inconceivable all the way up to that appointment we all will keep.

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